You feel like you’re blocking yourself
You’re energy drops during the day and then you feel demotivated
You start one thing and find yourself doing something else and you lose focus
You want to improve your outlook, feel clearer, more in control, confident, positive and be inspired about life
You’d like to find a way to go from mental fog and confusion to clarity and positivity
You want your energy to align with your intentions so they do manifest!

Well you’re in the right place!
I am very excited to offer the Clear Mind Clear Life 30 Day Challenge Program
Is it time to change your outlook, feel clearer, more in control, confident, positive and get inspired about your life in 2018?
Would you like to learn some skills that you can use every day to stop over-thinking, feel more focussed and accomplish more in less time? In this 30-day program you will learn energy techniques as well as easy-to-use exercises to make a positive shift now that will create a daily routine for you to begin each day feeling calm, confident and focused. Over the 30 Days you will focus on a goal or intention that you would like to manifest during that time with the support of others within the group.
This fun challenge will put the spark back into your mojo and get you energised for the year to come.
During the 30 days you will learn:
  • All about the different types of energy and what you need when your energy flounders
  • A daily routine to make a positive shift so you begin your day feeling calm, focused and confident
  • Easy-to-use energy techniques to literally hack your system and shift mental clutter
  • How to access a high energy frequency so you really do feel clearer and able to make things happen for you
  • Skills that you can use every day to be grounded and focused and continue to use after the program
The program consists of:

Complete mini questionnaire via email & receive your free audio meditation
Find where you are most blocked
Discover your energy element
Week 1:
Element Earth: Home
Explanation about the element and how it affects us
Questions to do with the Earth element?
Word: Calm
Learn about self-blessing
Energy Technique: Changing a habit or belief technique and learn self muscle-check
Action to complete at home
Meditation – Rooting and Body Scan
Week 2:
Element Air: Vision
Explanation about the element and how it affects us
Questions to do with the Air element?
Word: Creativity
Energy Technique: Meridian energy medicine techniques
Action to complete at home
Meditation – Breath
Week 3:
Element Fire: Passion
Explanation about the element and how it affects us
Questions to do with the Fire element?
Word: Courage
Energy Technique: Tapping for Courage/Interview with EFT Coach
Action to complete at home
Meditation – Fire of transformation
Week 4:
Element Water: Flow
Explanation about the element and how it affects us
Questions to do with the Water element?
Word: Confidence
Energy Technique: Healing Codes to heal on the mental, emotional and physical levels
Action to complete at home
Meditation – Moving into our own flow
Final live gathering to share our successes with Q&A
You will need a journal or notebook to write in and you will receive an accompanying handout each week to make up your Energy Alignment manual
When you register you will receive a schedule of dates for each week. These will vary to accommodate different time zones and all sessions are then available for replay so it’s OK if you can’t make the live. You can start the program after 17th May and catch up too. Once you join you will be added to the facebook group where the program takes place.
Normally £197 - All this for introductory investment of £47
About Me

I am an Intuitive Mindset and Energy Coach and Resonance Repatterning practitioner and have helped hundreds of clients shift their limiting patterns and beliefs and totally transform their life. I know first-hand what it can be like having a mind that goes round in circles and blocks my natural intuition and the inspired action that comes naturally from a peaceful one. I have studied many different methodologies and systems to quieten my mind and bring focus and alignment and have helped many others to do the same. The energy exercises and techniques I offer come from a variety of sources and are easy and effective.
During this challenge you will find what works best for you and once you start to practise you will experience the difference. So many people are limited by worry, overwhelm and the tiredness that goes along with this. This 30 Day Energy Alignment challenge offers you a way to change this pattern and create a new positive routine in your life with a lovely group of like-minded people. As you practice these exercises the effect will ripple out into your life creating more peace and clarity for you and allowing you to tap into your own gorgeous natural resources.
Why 30 days?
A habit is formed over 30 days so spending a month practicing new positive life-enhancing techniques on a daily basis sets the foundation for your new affirmative habits and realign your energy with your life intentions. During the 30 days you can focus on a particular goal so you can see the difference by the end of the month. That goal is entirely personal to you; it can be to feel more peaceful, to sleep better, to increase your confidence, to gain new clients, to find a new job, to improve your health, to manifest income. It is whatever you choose to give your attention to during our time together.
Sign up here to start 17th May 2018. Let’s make this year amazing!

BONUS: When you sign up you get a free audio meditation on attracting prosperity!
Let’s make 2018 amazing!