Why Coaching?

‘It’s never too late to be who you might have been’ George Eliot
There are so many reasons to have coaching. Maybe you have a vision for your life, yet you lack the clear steps that will help you make it a reality. Coaching helps you explore want you want and how to make it happen. If you already know what you want, but you feel thwarted at every turn, a life coach can support you to make better decisions and eliminate self-destructive habits.

A coach can see what you can’t and bring it to light in positive life-enhancing ways. You may be uncertain or insecure about what to do or where you’re going. Coaching supports you to step into a future that feels positive and meaningful for you and allows you to feel totally ready to claim it.
Do you feel unfulfilled with work or in your relationships? You’re not the only one. When you find yourself saying, “I need support,” it’s probably time to discover what coaching can do for you and clarify your true values. Then you can create a life where work is rewarding and relationships are nourishing and meaningful. If you’re ready to break free from your old patterns, life coaching can help you overcome your stumbling blocks and realise your full potential.  
Coaching can be the catalyst for immense transformation in your life so that you have a sense of coming home to yourself. What you seek is seeking you. You deserve to have everything in life you yearn for.

'Feels like everything is falling into place, and I'm so massively grateful for your help and support in making this happen.' (Rowan Day, landscape artist, Devon)

Life Coaching is a way of expanding your life so you get the most out of it, fulfilling your potential and making things happen where you’ve previously felt stuck. The coaching journey helps you explore what it means to love and believe in yourself so you can be, do and have what you most desire in life. It helps you become the best possible you.

'I highly recommend Katheryn she is a wonderful warm person who listens and gives out positive energy.' (Nicola, Business woman, Plymouth)

What next?

Imagine waking in the morning still warm in your bed and as you open your eyes you are swept by a feeling of excitement and expectancy for the coming day. You see yourself walking forward confidently, feeling self-assured and relaxed. You hear those around you complimenting you on what you are achieving and it is as if your whole body is filled with the taste of success….

Are you ready?

I offer coaching programmes for women starting at 3-month packages for those who already know what they want to achieve. For those who need more support and clarity I suggest the minimum of 6 months. Each programme is a partnership between you as my client and me focussed on your best outcome with commitment on both sides. Sessions are scheduled three per month with time in the last week to complete assignments.

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